Welcome to the Truck-Nificent World of Truck-Nificent Truck repairs. Our name, Truck-Nificent originated from the highly distinguished word magnificent and truck which in our view directly translates accordingly to the meaning it in poses.  

A magnificent truck maintenance and repair service structured uniquely to serve the South African market in the highest decorative manor.

Service Maintenance Plan:    (service plan)

Truck-Nificent Truck Repairs offers a unique service plan for new or out of warrantee vehicles.

For a set monthly fee your vehicle will be covered for all services as per manufacturing specifications as well as all minor repairs carried out which will include the following:

All replacement items as per the  Manufacturer Service Schedule which include:

1. Air filter

2. oil filter

3. petrol / diesel filter

4. pollen and inline filters

5. oil and top up fluids

6. parts and labour to conduct the service

7. brake pads / shoes, brake discs / drums (discs and drums only when damaged)

8. clutch plate, pressure plate, pilot bearing or bush and thrust bearing

9. leaks (all seals and gaskets where needed)

10. all belts including serpentine, camshaft, balance shaft and multi-v-belts

11. adjustment to rockers and or timing adjustments

12. braking system flush and fluids

13. radiator flush and coolant

14. engine flush and oil

15. bearings and bearing hub seals where needed

full inspection of vehicle from front to back with report which include:

1. report on all broken or cracked windscreens, glass and lights

2. full report on tyres (condition and thread life)

3. report on general condition of bodywork and chassis

4. report on all parts removed and or replaced

Truck-Nificent office management will keep you updated on routine and complete service intervals via email or telephonically



Years of oversees market research in the fleet maintenance sector that provides full cover for new and used commercial vehicles, has led to the implementation of this magnificent plan into the South African market and has proofed to be extremely successful and highly productive.

To meet the industry’s requirements and expectations we dedicate ourselves to provide nothing less than the best quality parts and superior workmanship coupled with a professional customer service relationship.

• Fleet maintenance / service maintenance packages tailor maid to suit    your companies’ needs.

• Servicing and repairs to all cars, light and heavy duty commercial    vehicles

• On-site servicing at your request ( minor services only )

• Diagnostic testing equipment for cars and trucks with detailed    reports

• Repairing of electrical faults, such as alternators, starters and    rewiring of vehicles

• Engine rebuilds

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