Welcome to the Truck-Nificent World of Truck-Nificent Truck repairs. Our name, Truck-Nificent originated from the highly distinguished word magnificent and truck which in our view directly translates accordingly to the meaning it in poses.  

A magnificent truck maintenance and repair service structured uniquely to serve the South African market in the highest decorative manor.

Full Maintenance Plan:  

Benefits of the plan:

Peace of mind, hassle free motoring

Paying for tomorrow’s motoring cost at present day prices

Resale value of vehicle is enhanced

No unforeseen unexpected costs in terms of  vehicle maintenance

Product is transferable with the vehicle

Helps to budget far ahead and plan more efficiently  

What does it cover?

New vehicles without comprehensive maintenance cover

Used vehicles without or expired maintenance plan (subject to pre inspection)

All mechanical aspects of vehicle maintenance (engine cover, scheduled services, scheduled repairs)

Servicing and repairs carried out at Truck-Nificent Truck Repairs  service centers

Tow-in charges covered by Truck-Nificent Truck Repairs  

Cooling services, air intake system, fuel system, brakes, rear bogey (diff, spring blades, U-bolts), drive lines, transmissions, engine, front suspension, clutch, chassis, electrical, lubrication, full services on service intervals,  24 hour breakdown assistance.

What is not covered?

Petrol / diesel

Accident damage and insurance

Tyres and rims

Abuse and / or negligence

Non-mechanical interior repairs (body, paint, trim & upholstery)

Alarms and immobilizers / safe stop systems / tracking units

Glass, windscreen, lenses & windows

Any exclusions to the policy at the time of  inspection

Repairs to CD and radio / tape players

Non-authorized repairs

Performance modifications

Electronics and air-conditioning

Squeaks and rattles

Detailed cover schedule

Air filters

Gear lever and knob

Steering drag link

Tie rod ends

King pins

Ball joints

Engine / gearbox mountings

Bell-housing and mountings

5th wheel

Exhaust system

Shock absorbers

Slack adjusters

Oil filters

Petrol / diesel filters

Pollen  and inline filters

Oil and top-up fluids (brake fluid, power-steering oil, diff oil, gearbox oil, battery water)

Full service on service intervals

Wiper blades

Grease points (grease points as per manufacturing spec.)

Electrical (globes, battery terminals, number plate light units and wiring problems, starters, alternators, wiper motors, relays, flasher units )

Radiator flush, pressure test and coolant

Adjustment to rockers and timing adjustments

Brake system (brake drums, discs, brake shoes, pads, brake master, slave, wheel cylinders, spring kits, cables)

Wheel bearings and seals

Belts (serpentine, camshaft, balance shaft, multi-v-belts)

Air leaks

All adjustments (clutch cable/pedal, gears/gear ball joints, accelerator cable/pedal )

Major leaks (radiator/fuel hoses, hose clamps, hub seals, caps, crank seals, gaskets, o-rings & washers )

Parts and labour to conduct repairs and services as per detailed cover schedule

Steering boot rubbers

Clutch system (clutch, pressure plate, pilot bush or thrust bearing, fly wheel, clutch servo )                             


Payment must be paid 30 days in  advance by way of cheque or electronic transfer

Minimum 2 years contract agreement must be entered into

When does the contract expire, are there over-usage-penalties, and can it be extended?

On reaching the nominated contract period the contract will expire. This means there are no penalties for over-usage.

Yes, the contract may be extended

Vehicle qualification:

All new vehicle’s with or without a maintenance plan

All used vehicles with or without a maintenance plan subject to pre inspection.


Vehicle has to come in for pre-inspection and evaluation

The pre-inspection and evaluation can also be carried out at the AA testing centres (at their current rate)

All faults found on inspection will be entered on a check-list and will be captured for repairs to be carried out.

After all necessary repairs have been done, preventative maintenance will fall into place and vehicle will have to come in for regular checks.

Should the customer not wish to repair the vehicle and still want the plan, these items shall become exclusions on the contract

The cost of the plan will be determined by Truck-Nificent Truck Repairs.


Minimum 2 year cover plan with unlimited km’s

50% or 100% cover option available

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